You can use the AddShoppersTracking javascript variable in your Social Analytics code to change the langage of your AddShoppers Facebook Like button.

Here's an example of what this looks like to set the language to English:

AddShoppersTracking = {
    lang: {
        like: 'en_US'

Just change the 'en_US' part to whatever language you would like to use. Here's a list of the most common languages and the values to input into your Social Analytics code:

  • English: 'en_US'
  • Spanish: 'es_ES'
  • French: 'fr_FR'
  • Italian: 'it_IT'
  • German: 'de_DE'
  • Portuguese: 'pt_PT'

If your language or location isn't listed above, you can see Facebook's full list of supported languages here:

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