Social Analytics Installation

1. Paste your Social Analytics code in System -> Configuration -> Design -> Footer -> Miscellaneous HTML.

Sharing Buttons Installation

To add the sharing buttons, you'll need to create a static block and add it as a frontend app:

1. Go to CMS -> Static Blocks.

2. Click Add New Block and give it a Title and Identifier. Click Show/Hide Editor to hide the WYSIWYG editor and paste your desired sharing buttons in the Content field. Save your block.

3. Go to CMS -> Frontend Apps and click Add New Frontend App Instance.

4. Choose CMS Static Block for Type and click Continue.

5. Give it a title and enter 1 for the Sort Order.
 Click Add Layout Update and choose the page types you would like to display the sharing buttons on (we recommend All Pages or All Product Types).
 For block reference, choose your desired button location (we recommend Page Header to put your sharing buttons in a highly visible location)

6. Click Frontend App Options and then Select Block. Choose the block that you created in step 2.

7. Now, save your Frontend App and your sharing buttons should now display on your site.

ROI Tracking Installation: We currently do not have installation instructions for ROI Tracking in Magento Go.

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