Social Analytics Installation

Step 1

In your ekmPowershop admin area, go to Design, then choose Template.

Step 2

Under Page Layouts, choose 'Edit Product Page'.

Step 3

Choose 'Change Page Layout', then 'I wish to use a custom layout' or 'Edit current Page Layout' if you're already using a custom page layout.

Step 4

On the next screen, choose the option that pertains to you. Chose 'Custom Page Layout' if you have your own custom layout, or 'modify an existing ekmPowershop Page Layout' if you do not have a custom layout or are already using one of their layouts.

If you choose to modify an existing page layout, select your layout on the next screen.

Step 5

Paste your Social Analytics code at the end of the template and save.

Note: If you're about to install sharing buttons, you can stay on this screen and install your sharing button code -- jump to step 2 of Sharing Buttons Installation below.

Sharing Buttons Installation

Step 1

Follow steps 1-4 of Social Analytics Installation (above).

Step 2

Paste your sharing button code in your desired location and save. If you're not sure where to place them, try replacing the existing social widget as seen in the screenshot below.

ROI Tracking Installation

Step 1

In your ekmPowershop admin area, go to Settings, then choose Checkout.

Step 2

Click on the image of your checkout success page.

Step 3

Click on a payment method to edit the success page for that method.

Step 4

Click on the Source button above the text editor and paste your ROI Tracking code (make sure to choose ekmPowershop in AddShoppers) at the end of the source code and save.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each payment method that you use.

Purchase Sharing

To install Purchase Sharing, follow the same steps as ROI Tracking, except paste your Purchase Sharing code into the text editor.

Where do I get my Purchase Sharing code? To generate your Purchase Sharing code, go to Apps > Purchase Sharing in your AddShoppers Dashboard.

AddShoppers Facebook OG Tags Installation

1. Go to Design -> Template.

2. Click 'Change Template'.

3. Choose 'I wish to use a custom design for my shop' or 'Edit current Template' if you already have a custom design. If you already have a custom design, skip to step 5.

4. If you chose 'I wish to use a custom design for my shop', you'll need to set up your template. Either choose 'I wish to use a custom design' if you have your own custom template or 'I wish to modify an existing ekmPowershop template' if you use one of the default templates.

If you chose 'I wish to use a custom design', move on to step 5. Otherwise, select your template on the next screen, then choose your color variant, if applicable and apply the template.

5. Copy and paste the Facebook OG tags for AddShoppers following the screenshot below and save.

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