AddShoppers is built into CubeCart v5.2.5+, and available as a free plugin if you're on an earlier version of CubeCart 5.

Step 1

If you haven't already, create your AddShoppers account. Once you're inside your AddShoppers dashboard, go to Settings > Shops. Scroll down and copy the Shop ID for your shop.

Step 2

Download our CubeCart plugin and upload to Modules/Plugins in your CubeCart directory.

NOTE: If you're using CubeCart v5.2.5+, the plugin should be built in and you can skip this step :)

Step 3

Go to the AddShoppers plugin settings page in your CubeCart admin area (Modules > Plugins > AddShoppers). Make sure Enable AddShoppers is set to Yes and paste your Shop ID from step 1 into the Shop ID field.

You're now set up with Social Analytics, ROI Tracking, our default sharing buttons (if you've enabled them), and Purchase Sharing (if you enable and configure it).

How To Use Different Sharing Buttons

Grab the code for the sharing buttons that you want from your AddShoppers dashboard (under Apps > Sharing Buttons).

If you're adding floating sharing buttons: Paste your button code into skins/YOUR_SKIN/templates/main.php

If you're adding standard sharing buttons: Paste it into your product page template: skins/YOUR_SKIN/templates/content.product.php

How To Add Social Shopper Login Buttons

Grab the code for the Social Shopper Login buttons that you want from your AddShoppers dashboard (under Apps > Social Shopper Login) and paste it in the desired location in one or both of the following templates:

Login Page: skins/YOUR_SKIN/templates/content.login.php

​Registration Page: skins/YOUR_SKIN/templates/content.register.php

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