Option #1: Use Our CS-Cart Add-On

This is the easiest and quickest way to install AddShoppers on your CS-Cart store. Simply download our plugin and install it on your site.

Option #2: Manual Installation

If our CS-Cart add-on doesn't work for you, you can install AddShoppers manually by following these instructions:

Go to your AddShoppers Dashboard to grab each installation code.

Next, open up Design > Template Editor in CS-Cart admin area.

Social Analytics code:

Put at bottom of /skins/YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME/customer/index.tpl

Sharing Button code:

Put in desired location in /skins/YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME/customer/blocks/product_template/YOUR_ACTIVE_PRODUCT_TEMPLATE


It will be default_template.tpl unless you have changed your product template under Design > Appearance settings > "Product detailed page layout" in CS-Cart v2 or Settings > Appearance > "Product detailed page layout" in CS-Cart v3.

ROI Tracking code:

Put at bottom of /skins/YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME/customer/views/checkout/complete.tpl

Purchase Sharing code:

In your AddShoppers dashboard, go to Apps -> Purchase Sharing and configure your sharing popup. Put at bottom of /skins/YOUR_ACTIVE_THEME/customer/views/checkout/complete.tpl

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