Social Analytics Installation (Required)

Step 1

Log in to your BigCommerce admin panel.

Step 2

Click the Design link in the top left part of your admin panel.

Step 3

Click 'Browse Template Files' under 'Current Store Design'.

Step 4

Choose 'Footer.html' from 'Files used by this template' (if editing default.html).

Step 5

Copy your AddShoppers Social Analytics code and paste it at the end of this file and click 'Save'. This code is found under the 'Social Analytics' section of Get Apps in your AddShoppers dashboard).

If you're installing floating sharing buttons, you can copy and paste that code here as well.

Sharing Button Installation

Step 1

Choose 'ProductDetails.html' from 'Other Template Files' (you'll probably have to scroll down). (If you're not already in the template editor, follow steps 1-3 from Social Analytics installation above.)

Step 2

Copy and paste your sharing button code into the desired location in this template.

Step 3 - Optional, But Recommended

This step is optional, but it adds rich product data (name, image, price, and description) to your shares. This makes your shares look much better.

Choose 'ProductDescription.html' from 'Files used by this template'.

Copy and paste the following code to the end of this file and save:


ROI Tracking/Purchase Sharing Installation

Go back to your BigCommerce admin panel and click Settings -> Conversion tracking.

Paste your ROI Tracking and/or Purchase Sharing code into the text area and click 'Save'. (Your ROI Tracking and Purchase Sharing code comes from your AddShoppers dashboard under 'Get Apps').

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