If you use multiple languages on your shop, you can set change the language of the AddShoppers sharing panel on a per-page basis.
 Use the 'lang' attribute of your AddShoppersTracking object to set the language. Here's an example, setting the language to English:

AddShoppersTracking = {
lang: {
widget: 'en_US'

You can add this code anywhere on your page. Just change the language code to the correct code for the language you want to set.
 Here are all of the languages and their codes that we currently support:

  • en_US: English
  • fr_FR: French
  • es_MX: Spanish
  • sk_SK: Slovak
  • de_DE: German
  • pt_BR: Portuguese
  • it_IT: Italian
  • cz_CZ: Czech
  • el_GR: Greek
  • lt_LT: Lithuanian
  • az_AZ: Azerbaijani
  • tr_TR: Turkish
  • pl_PL: Polish
  • da_DK: Danish
  • no_NO: Norwegian
  • nl_NL: Dutch
  • ro_RO: Romanian
  • ru_RU: Russian
  • ko_KR: Korean
  • zn_CN: Chinese
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