There are 2 language settings within AddShoppers:

  1. The language for your shop(s). This affects the language that your customers see on your site when they use AddShoppers sharing buttons.
  2. The language for your merchant dashboard. This affects the language that you see in your AddShoppers dashboard reports. (This does not affect anything that your customers see)

Here's how to change each of these:

1. Shop Language

In your AddShoppers dashboard, click on your profile in the top right side of the page, then click Localization.  Use the Language selector to select the language for this shop.

Have more than one shop? You can set the language per shop -- use the "Choose Shop" field to switch between shops and set the language for each one.

2. Dashboard Language

In your AddShoppers dashboard, click your profile then choose Settings. Use the Language selector to choose the language for your dashboard.

Are we missing your language?

If we're missing the translation for your language and you're interested in doing the translation, contact us. We'll send over a translation file so you can make AddShoppers available in your language!

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