AddShoppers is a social sharing and analytics platform for retailers. Here's how we work:

Our Social Analytics app is the engine that makes everything run. Used with our Sharing Buttons, we track shares, clicks on shared links, sales, and revenue. We track all of these metrics on 3 different levels: the individual product (SKU) level, the influencer (someone who shares) level, and the store-wide level. Using these results, we can calculate many valuable insights into your store's social performance, such as:

  • Average revenue per share.
  • Average revenue per click.
  • Average social order amount.
  • Total number of shares.
  • Total number of clicks.
  • Number of shares per influencer (and what products they shared).
  • Revenue driven per influencer.
  • Average revenue per Like, Pin, Tweet, etc.
  • Average number of clicks per Like, Pin, Tweet, etc.
  • Demographics per product.
  • Much more!

All of these insights are presented to you in your AddShoppers dashboard.

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