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Why aren't my BT campaigns working?

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2016 09:57AM EDT
You've created some campaigns inside of your BT App. You've got them looking just how you want and you're really excited to see the results (and you should be!). You've turned them 'ON' and you've given it a day to get to work for you! You go into your BT App configuration to look at the campaign stats and... zeroes? There's a couple of reasons why your BT campaigns are turned ON but maybe they're not actually firing.

URL Filters - In the BT App there's a feature that allows you to dictate whether your new modals will fire or not fire on certain pages (URL Filter) - and a feature that allows you to dictate if modals will fire or not fire depending on where the shopper came to your site from (Referral URL Filter). The key item to this feature is, if you check the boxes to enable the URL filters there must be a URL in those filters for the campaign to actually fire the modal. If you check the box to enable to the filters and then leave the URL fields blank the modal will not fire. 

  • Best Practice - Unless you're actually using the filters, leave the boxes unchecked. 
 Shopper Analytics Code - There's a chance our Analytics code may not be in place. The Analytics code is the piece of Java Script that lives in the footer across your site and allows all of our Apps to function. To check if this is the case:
  1. right click on the page and select View Page Source
  2. Hit CTRL (or Command) + F to enable the Find box.
  3. In the Find box start typing 'AddShoppers'
If no results show up, you know the code is missing and needs to be installed/re-installed.

If you're having difficulty and would like our help, simply use the small Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner on any page in your AddShoppers dashboard and our team will be there to help! 


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