This section contains most important facts about the various email types used in a Refer-a-Friend Program.

All emails (other than the sharing email template) include an unsubscribe link. Users that choose to unsubscribe using that link, or directly in the Refer-a-Friend App, will not receive these emails until they re-subscribe. Welcome Email

  • Sent only once. 
  • Triggered when a user signs into Refer-a-Friend for the first time. This occurs only if the email address is already known (e.g. Facebook sign in).
  • May also be triggered when an email is received from the user (unverified).

Sharing Email 

  • Used instead of a standard email share template.
  • Triggered by a user being signed in on a page with the Refer-a-Friend installed.
  • It is not affected by unsubscribe status. In other words, it does not include an unsubscribe link. 

Referral Email 

  • Sent when a user makes a successful referral.
  • Only post-click conversions will trigger this email.
  • A user clicking on their own short link and then converting will not trigger this email.
  • Successful referral emails have a minimum of 1 hour cooldown between occurences.

Activity Email 

  • Sent once a month by a cron script.
  • It includes user stats from the last 30 days.
  • It is only sent if there are stats to provide (i.e. it is not sent if user made no shares, clicks or sales).


Pro and Enterprise users may completely override the default templates via their AddShoppers Dashboard ( In this case, they may use the same template variables as the original ones.

In addition some options in the Refer-A-Friend app apply specifically to the email program:

  • The landing page is used for the short link that may be included in emails (if this is not defined, the website URL will be included instead)
  • Coupon

Template Variables

  • some variables are only available in selected email types
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